Virtual Education Fair

Renew student connections and recruitment plans with new virtual technologies. Thanks to our ‘Virtual Education Fair’ organizing networking events in education is now easy!

At a time when online decision making among college students and parents, this digital platform will help you take a huge leap forward, not only to connect with your college students, but also to make new geographies, make new connections. and produce requests.

Our organization, along with revolutionary technology partners, has helped several trade show organizers explore untapped markets and multi-boom attendance through the use of our 2D and 3D exhibit codecs.

Exciting virtual shows can be built in different codecs to accompany LIVE events. While famous 2D shows display pictures wonderfully well with low bandwidth, famous 3D shows are more sensitive and experiential in nature.

Both of them offer all the viewers a rewarding moment in participation. In setting up these events, we make use of Ibentos technology solutions, for which we are renowned distributors, and which have helped organizers across the industry to harmonize digital exhibits with LIVE exhibit layouts to shape a hybrid event.

To date, these well-known hybrid shows have been enthusiastically received by all engaging parties.

Here are the most common uses of our proposals

Open day
Graduation Ceremonies
Alumni Meets
Campus Placements
Education Fairs
Work shops
Training Sessions
Multi-Institute Fairs
Student Competitions